Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Basques hurried the last few hours to go to the polls

The 34.17% of Basques decided not to go to the polls. With the data given during the day seemed that abstention significantly exceed of the 2009 elections. But voters decided to go at the last minute. In the Basque polling the percentage of voters was 14.8% compared to 17.1% of the previous regional elections. The Deputy Minister of Interior of the Basque Country, Raul Fernandez de Arroyabe, stated that there could be "multiple reasons" that could explain that lower turnout, among which he mentioned the rain.

The affluence to the polls for the last three hours they opened made possible at the end of the day that the turnout figures were similar to those of other years. The researchs are showing that the public feels increasingly distanced from the political class.

Sofía Pérez

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