Thursday, November 22, 2012

Prices rise 0.9% in Euskadi and inflation remains at 3.1%

The prices in Euskadi went up nine tenth last October so the increase in the CPI stood at 3.1%, according to the INE. In the whole of Spain, the October CPI experienced a rise of eight tenths, bringing the annual rate registered an increase of 3.5%.
By province, prices rose in October by 1.2% in Alava and 0.9% in both Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia. In the last twelve months, the highest increase was recorded in Bizkaia (3.3%), followed by Gipuzkoa (3.1%) and Alava (2.8%).
On the whole of the CAV the most inflationary in October were clothing and footwear, with a price increase of 12.5% and education, with an increase of 2.5%. Conversely, prices fell on recreation and culture (1.1%), transport (0.7%), housing (0.6%) and hotels, cafes and restaurants (0.2%).
As regards the annual period, prices fell on only in communications (1.7%). The rest of the branches experienced price increases, the most significant being those in housing (6.6%), transport (5.8%) and alcoholic beverages and snuff (5.5%).

Julen Lopetegi

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