Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Today we present our projects and presentations in front of the rest of the pupils. The first ones were the Slovenian students. We were the second ones doing the presentation. We were very nervous, but finally we do it well! The third ones were the Croatian students and the Polish students; and to finish it the Turkish people.

After the presentations, we visited the school with the Slovenian students. To finish our morning in the school we played a game, and after then we went to the school canteen to have lunch.

At the afternoon we visited the city of Brezice. We visited the City Hall and a castle. And now, we are preparing because now we have the welcome dinner with all the students who participate in the project.

Erik Rios Salazar

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  1. I am glad to know that you did your presentation well. We trust you! Do the best you can, learn a lot and have a good time. What is the weather like? Regards. Ibone Etxeberria (IES ZUBIRI MANTEO BHI)