Monday, February 6, 2012


The Czech Republic and UK have not signed up the fiscal compact of the European Union. UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has said that he has “legal concern” to use the European Union institutions in enforcing the fiscal treaty. In another hand, the Prime minister of Czech Republic, Vaklav Klaus, has argued “constitutional reasons” to not signing the treaty.
The goal of this fiscal compact has been to get a closer coordination of budgets policy across the European Union to prevent excessive debts accumulating.
The treaty has been signed up for twenty-five members of twenty-seven; all less UK and Czech Republic. Germany's Government has demonstrated a great interest for get a general agree, but it has been impossible.
This summit has been seized to discuss about lots problems like how to reduce unemployment across the eurozone or to find the possible ways to stimulate economic growth despite the stringent austerity budgets in many countries.


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