Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Polish Economy

The Polish economy is one of the most important in the European Union and one that did not suffer during the global financial and economic crisis. Its market of nearly 40 million inhabitants, located strategically in the center of Europe, won 8.4 billion euros of foreign investment in 2009. Despite the global crisis Poland can boast its economy because it is the only EU economy that continues growing.

This is because the assignment of European funds or the 2012 European Championship, which has pushed the development in the area of construction and services. It is also expected that in the next years will continue the development of the Polish economy.

The Polish legal system is adapted to the needs of the common market. It offers investment mechanisms similar to those of the EU and they have benefits in foreign investment.

Poland is in a time of continued development in spite of other European Union economies that are suffering the global financial crisis. In recent years it has grown at a rate higher than the Eurozone and the GDP growth rate was 1.7%.

The fall of the world economy has increased the unemployment rate and is currently located by 11.9%. And the inflation rate is 3.5% by the strong domestic demand and the increase in consumption.

During the last year and because of the crisis in the international economy, imports and exports have been affected. Poland exports were 99.8 billion euros in 2009 (17.6% less than last year). Most exports absorb the EU countries. And the main business partners of Poland are Germany, France, Italy and Britain.


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