Wednesday, December 7, 2011

GOEM: Go on and employ me!


Today was sight-seeing day in Germany. To start the day, we started by waking up, and having breakfast with our families like everyday. Then, we went to the bus station to take a bus to go to different places in the region.

First, we went to Esslingen by bus. There, we visited Esslingen castle, and from there we walked to the centre for a short guided tour. We visited the Christmas and Medieval Market. When we were there, we got something to eat in the Market. Everything was delicious!

The second stop of the journey was in Sindelfingen. In this town, we visited the place where the Mercedes cars are produced. It was incredible! The factory was enormous (the biggest in Europe, and probably in the world), and it was really incredible to see the machines and workers working so fast. A recommended visit!

To finish our visit in the region, we went to Metzingen, a famous place for its factory outlets, to do some shopping. It was really amazing!

To finish the day, we returned to N├╝rtingen, and then we went to our partner's home. We were very tired.


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