Wednesday, December 7, 2011

GOEM: Go on and employ me!


Today was the day. We started our day as everyday in Germany. We woke up early in the morning, and we had breakfast before we went to school. When we arrived to the school, we were very nervous, because it was the day of our presentations.

But first, we do some different things. We were divided into different groups, but in each group there was a minimum of one person from each country. Then, they told us that we had to create a new product, and all the things that people usually do when they create a new product. For example description of the product, name of the company, logo, designs, advertising, price... So, we spent half of the morning doing that job in different groups. It was strange, we were very nervous. We knew that the other presentation was waiting for us.

At 11:15 a.m. we started to present the slideshows we prepared in our countries. We were the last ones, after the people from Norway and Northern Ireland. The presentations of the other schools were very well designed. We were very nervous, but that sensation dissapeared when the presentation started. We felt better then.

After the presentations we went to have lunch at the school’s Cafeteria, and during the afternoon we spent the time finishing our product design project, and then making a presentation about them. It was really entertaining to see all the products that people can imagine!

When we finished, we started to prepare the ‘Comenius Party’. The party started at 18:30, and it finished at 23:00 p.m, It was time to go home, and relax for the next day.


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