Friday, June 20, 2014


In the morning at 8.30 am all the students arrived to the school with our hosty student. When we arrived to the school Portuguese students show us( other students) the school. Then when the teachers arrived at school at 9.00 am  we went  tot the auditorium, where all countries presented the work that they had been doing, everything related with the company.
The meeting started with Italy, Bulgary, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and it finished with the presentation of Greece.
After  the meeting  at 13.30 we went to have lunch at school´s canteen and there we had lunch all together.
In the afternoon at 15.30 pm every student and teacher visited all the school and then we were devided in to two groups to do the workshop and marketing workshop activities. At 17.30 pm when we finished all activities each student was picked up by his/ her host family.

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