Saturday, January 19, 2013


The San Sebastian day starts in 19th of January at 12 p.m and finishes on 20 January at
midnight. This day is very important for the people from San Sebastian and the surrounding villages which are also part of this special day.

The celebration starts with to hoist of flag from the city in the square of the old town.
The representatives of the “Tamborrada” begin touch “La Marcha De San Sebastián”. The
companies are compost between 20 and 50 drums and between 50 and 100 barrels parade
during all day 20 districts of the city accompanied by band.

On the 20th at noon “Tamborrada” usually get the children. In this parade students usually
come from different schools with military costumes of two centuries ago.

There is an award called the Golden Drum, this award is usually given to individuals or legal
entities, as a consequence to work or performing trajectory in all the years which give a
positive image of the city.

The first Golden Drums was given in 1967 to Manuel Bastos, Miguel de Echarri, Guy Petit and
Guillermo Cebrián. This year if given the award for “La Clásica de San Sebastián”, is a cycling
race that has all the years to professional cyclists from around the world

Lander Sein

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