Monday, December 17, 2012

How much does it cost to move by car inside Donostia?

There are many ways to move between the small streets of Donostia, you can easily take a bike and go around the entire city and have fun or just go shopping. A regular bike costs around 200€, brand new. Obviously a car is a lot expensive than a bike, but comparing the cost of traveling from one point to another inside the city, the bike could be considered as a hard contender.
Let’s suppose that you live in Riveras de Loiola and you have to go everyday to Zurriola, it’s a 3, 6 kilometer long trip. A car fuel consumition in the city is between 7L/100km and 12L/km. Translated, it's between 0,25/0,45L in 3,6 kilometers. The Diesel now costs around 1, 40€/L, so 17cents/32cents just to go. But as you don't leave the car in the beach and walk back to your place, you have to multiply this by 2, then, by 20 days.
The estimated result gives us a 14-24€ cost per month only in diesel, which is not so bad. You have a car where you can keep your shopping and be safe from the rain. At this point, the car looks like the best option for this rainy and sometimes cold city.
But let’s be honest, try to park in Donostia. Many times you will spend more time trying to park than doing the task you are going for.
Next time, we’ll talk about the parking, insurance and another taxes to get the real cost per month.

Bastian Parra

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