Thursday, May 31, 2012

See you next year!

Now, we are finishing the first course of Business & Finance. This is the last week of the course, and it’s time to make a little summary talking about this school year. During the course we have been working since first day. Some subjects were new for some of us, so sometimes we had to dedicate enough time to learn things of some subjects. We have had 7 subjects, that are: Finance, English, Accounting, Supply Management, Human Resources, Computing & Commercial Management. For me, almost all of them were known.

Apart of the usual subjects, we were in the multilingua group, doing Finance & Computing in English language. We prepare some projects in this two subjects for European projects ‘GOEM Go On… Employ me! & ‘A Step Further’. It was a fantastical experience to know and learn more about different cultures and to meet people from other countries to share with them new experiences, and to learn how to find a job when you are abroad, or how to prepare a presentation of different companies.

Now, we are studying for the last exams because we are in the last week of exams. We have to pass all the subjects this course to be prepared for the second course that will start in September. I think that the evaluation that I can do is excellent. We are learning a lot of things that we will need in the future, in our future job in a company.

See you next year.



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