Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cuban government supports local developments programs

Jorge Lezcano, Cuban Parliament President's avisor, said yesterday that local development programs are fully supported by the Cuban government because they are key working strategies for the economy.

Lezcano said this type of initiatives boosts local capacities as they use local materials and resources and complement productions and services that can’t be fully covered by the national economy plan.

However, he said that because this is a relatively new practice in the island, the lack of experience, poor coordination among the parties involved and insufficient preparation can be bad for their correct implementation.

Likewise, the Economy and Planning minister, Rene Hernandez, confirmed the existence of contradictions between the base organizations and central bodies, which makes difficult the progress of such development projects.

According to one of the economic guidelines recently passed by the Cuban Communist Party, local development projects conducted by Municipal Administration Councils are key working strategies for municipal self-sufficiency.

Local governments are expected to encourage the growth of mini-industries and service centres based on the principle of financial sustainability, and in tune national economic goals.


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