Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trying to find solutions in Zarautz

The government team will begin tomorrow a series of meetings with neighborhood
associations to
explain the situation and listen suggestions in Zarautz. The first meeting
is going to be tomorrow in the
morning with one of the neighborhood of the town.

The principal aim of this is
to explain the economic situation of the town and see first
the needs of each neighborhood to find solutions.

There will be two meetings per week, every Mondays and Thursdays from 19.30 to 21.00.
The first meeting is going to be tomorrow with the neighborhood association of Vista Alegre. Continuing with
Mitxelena neighbors, Itxasmendi, Portu Azken, Kristau Biltoki Zaharra, IƱurritza, Etxezabala and the last meeting will be December 1 with Urteta's neighbors.

Mayor Juan Luis Illarramendi remarks:
"We want to explain the economic situation, receive suggestions of each neighborhood and set priorities among all. There is no money, but there are few resources and we must draw the line of action. In this regard, we appeal to all residents of the town to take part in these meetings.''


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