Sunday, October 16, 2011


First meeting in Croatia

Ekonomska i turística skola Daruvar , HR Croacia
Aksaray Hotel Management and Tourism Vocational High School, Aksaray, TR Turquia
Zespól Szkól Ekonomicznych, Starogard Gdanski, PL Polonia
Ekonomska in trgovska sola Brezice, Brezice, SI Eslovenia
IES Xabier Zubiri Manteo BHI, Donostia

Today our day began very early in the morning; at five o’clock. We took the bus in San Sebastian at after three buses and two flights we arrived around eight o’clock p.m. to Daruvar.

We took off Loiu at seven fifty in the morning, and Munich welcome us with cold and people dressed as tyrolese. We took our second flight to Zagreb at eleven forty. Even if this second flight was shorter in the time it was more frightening because of the turbulences.
We arrived to Zagreb at the lunch time and left it at five thirty to get Daruvar at eight o’clock. Three teachers and one student has given us a humble and nice welcome. And just one hour ago we arrived to the hotel to tell you our first experiences in the Balkans!

We, near the city centre of Daruvar, Croatia.

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