Friday, September 24, 2010

The main Industry in Guipuzcoa

Guipuzcoa have an high ocupation in the industrial sector which is a 38,6%. Nevertheless in the agricultural sector the ocupation is very low with a 3,1%. The principal sector that has been increased with the years is services or terthiary that it becomes until 51% and in the construction area has a 10% of ocupation.
Farming and fishing industries have been a tradition for many years in Guipuzcoa and around all the Basque country. At the montainus areas we can see cattle and a lot of vegetables garden and in coastal zone the main view is about fishermen.
Euskal Herria is an area where industrial activity has caused
a lot of changes at our enviromet. The presence of iron and the abundance of wood enabled the development of this activity. The industry is located in very specific areas of geography, with the coastal areas and near rivers which concentrate the highest levels of employment.

Mari Jose and Sonia.

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