Thursday, May 27, 2010

My personal Post. Ainhoa

Hi to everyone!

The academic year 2009/2010 is now finished and is now is the time to study for the final exams of June.
This will be the last time I write this blog, but in September I´ll come back again, and I´m sure I´ll bring some new news to share with you.

I started the year with fear, I can not deny it, but everything has gone perfectly.
I meet new people, new ways of teaching, which led me to go ahead with a smile. Above all, I could continue practicing English, which for me is important
I have had new experiences as we travel to Prague in March, where I had a great time.
Teachers have always been there when we needed, and this is welcome.
I hope all goes well from now on.
Finally, thank everyone you follow us through this blog.

See you son!!!!!


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