Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gipuzkoa's industries research

During the weeks leading up to winter break our class completed a research project on different industries to have an idea about where we might want to work.

First, we created a plan for our work. This included researching one industry and three companies, from the industry. Next,we searched for information on the companies’ profits, their structure and what we could do in this company.

In the second assignment, we had to give write a short summary giving our opinions about what we thought about the industry before and after our research. We used different resources of information, such as: the website of the companies, wikipedia, newspapers, magazines, and we paid a special attention to how the financial crisis affected the industry and companies we studied. For the most part, we discovered that the financial situation of the companies changed during the years of the financial crisis. We used the decrease in company profits to cite examples.

We found this work to be interesting but challenging as well, due to difficulty in finding certain information.


  1. Do you obtain any conclusions about this work? I wish read them.



  2. Hi Jon,

    Yes, of course. We obtained a lot of conclusions from this work.

    The most important conclusion is that the crisis is affecting all industries and we think that it will last for a long time.

    However, there are some industries that have a relation with the Goverment that don't feel the crisis so much.

    Thank you for your interest.

    See you in the corridors!