Thursday, November 26, 2009

The best of gastronomy

From the world´s best chefs to the traditional Basque "pintxos". A variety of delicacies were there to be discovered in the nineteenth aniversary of the gastronomic congress held between Monday the 23rd to Thursday the 26th of this month, in Donosti´s Kursaal. 3000 chefs and professionals from the industry took part in the congress.
52 bars in Guipuzcoa participated in this celebration. Each bar thought up in 3 new "pintxos" and sold them with a 30% discount for everyone during this entire week.
Some of the well known chefs who were involved in the congress were Martin Berasategi, Pedro Subijana and Hilario Arbelaitz. This year we saw a real mix of gastronomic culture, in particular between the Japanese and our own Basque cooking.

In 2011, here in San Sebastian, there will be the first Spanish Gastronomic university that would form skilled workers from all around the world and they will offer grades of high cooking.

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