Thursday, October 15, 2009

El Aprendiz TV

The Aprendiz gathers contestants that will become managers. They come from the world of economics, law, marketing and compete to get the job of their life. To get this job they have to demonstrate their cunning and intelligence in weekly challenges offered them by the host.

The leader in the program will be Lluis Bassat. he is considered the leading Spanish publisher of history and one of the largest worldwide. He has received more than 400 national and international awards, including the 'best of the Spanish professional Twentieth Century' in 2000.

The team that wins the challenge will receive a reward while the losing group will go to the room to see who will be dismissed by the jury.

The contest winner will receive a contract with the host employer. In the U.S. the winner got a one year contract in one of Donald Trump's companies with a salary of $ 250,000.

Here you can see the official intro of the program.

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