Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sustainable sea. Our first project

A great part of our every day life consists of communication. We talk to each other in the street, by phone, via internet. Development and progress of new technologies simplify our way of communication. We almost never send letters to each other, we use e-mail. For example, nowadays there is a great variety of sites and training programs aimed to bring people from different places of the world together. So we have joined one of these programs and have already started working on it. This project has been organized, to generate an ongoing relationship between language learners from different cultures within the framework of a VIRTUAL CLASS. By operating in a real context, pupils understand the need for working with foreign languages, they see that it is possible to work together and to learn how to write a professional-style report and how to organize an international survey. The system includes a number of steps you have to follow. The first ones require you to present yourself and the school you are studying at. The step we are doing now consists of finding information about the water system of our region. Once we are ready we will post it on the project page . We are all very interested in the program and looking forward to seeing the result of our work.

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